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Joel Plys

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Three Shim Sham Routines with Joel Plys

The Big Apple DVD


Joel's Shim Sham DVD is one of the best out there - you will learn all three routines on one DVD. It has over 35 moves. You will learn these versions:

* ORIGINAL (Classic dance done by Lindy Hoppers around the globe)
* DEAN COLLINS (Cool variations on the classic Shim Sham)
* AL & LEON (Another cool jazzy version of the Shim Sham)teaches the infamous group line dance from the 1950s, plus a unique couple's version.

(120 m)
1. Original Shim Sham
a. The classic 8 Jazz steps: Shim Sham, Push & Crossover, Tacky Anne, Half Break, Break, Boogie Back, Boogie Forward, Shorty George
2. Dean Collins Shim Sham – 12 Jazz steps
a. 3 sections: Shim Sham, Boogie Routine, and Savoy Kicks
3. Al & Leon Shim Sham – 12 Jazz steps
**** The ONLY product on the market with ALL 3 SHIM SHAMs on one DVD…

All you need after that is the tap dance version!

The Shim Sham DVD
Price: $39.95
Out of Stock

DVD-R format (no country code restrictions), PC/MAC Compatible


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