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Rusty Frank

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"The Track Series" was developed by Rusty Frank and Ron Campbell in 2005 for the experienced Lindy Hopper. "We wanted a program that included just about every move a Lindy Hopper would want to know!" It's turned out to be a sensational program, so much so, that Lindy By The Sea students insisted Rusty & Ron make correlating DVDs.

The six DVD set matches the 6-month program that Rusty and Ron teach at Lindy By The Sea. Each Track is color coded and contains stand alone moves. In other words, students can choose any or all of the DVDs.

Each Track contains curriculum covering variations of the following moves: Swingouts, Charleston, Sugar Pushes, Slides, Boogie Steps, Hollywood Style, Savoy Style, Related Dances (1920s Charleston, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag), Styling, and Stop Reverses.

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The Track Series is a 6-DVD set. Each DVD is regularly priced at $30. Buying all six would cost you $180, but we are offering the entire set for $169.95!

Rusty Frank presents the Track Series, 6 DVDs for the enthusiastic lindy hopper!

Presenting the Track Series! Six DVDs for the Enthusiastic Lindy Hopper! 100 Moves Taught plus bonus features!

The Track Dvds are available in the following colorings
(see listing above for details on what is taught in each track)

Single DVDs from the Track Series:

Select up to five of the DVDs from the drop-down menu. Then click "Put in Shopping Cart."

Order the ENTIRE Track DVD Series
(All Six!)

6 DVD Track DVD Series
Price: $169.95

DVD-R format (no country code restrictions), PC/MAC Compatible


Dear Rusty & Ron,

We love the Track series - such compulsive viewing that we now have time for little else!

Yours, John Foister
Chichester, England

Hi Rusty and Ron

The DVDs arrived today! And they are great! Terrific instructions, clear and lucid, and fun to watch and learn (great sense of humour). Highly recommended for all swing dancers! Well done!

Alex Tan
Victoria, Australia


Love love LOVE the Track DVDs.

I can tell that the Track Series will be my favorite Lindy instructional videos; the explanations are crystal clear and evenly balanced between advice for the men and ladies; the moves are VERY fun; and you and Ron have perfectly preserved the playful, bantering tone of our classes that help a student feel comfortable.


Steven Smith
Los Angeles, California, USA

ALL SIX DVDS FOR $180 $169.95

The Track - Six DVDs!

CONTENT Orange Silver Red Green Blue Yellow
Savoy Style Skip Up (High Kick) Side Step SO Johnnie's Drop Groucho Mini Dip Calle's Move
Swingouts X-Hand Inside Turn
Basket w/Turn
Free "hip Catch
Rhythm Circle
Three Wall
Savoy Style
Texas Tommy
Hollywood Style
Stop Reverses Swingouts (6-7-8):
Left hand free spin
Derby Turn
Swingouts (6-7-8):
Two hand revers
Outside Turn (over shoulder, reverse)
Sugar Pushes:
Free Spin
Endless Tucks
Behind Back
Derby Turn
Closed (Over Shoulder)
American Spine
Quick Tucks
Styling Swingouts (3-4):
Ladies Leap
Man's Lunge
Posture makes it!
Words & Music
Lady Steals... Man?
"Rusty's Rest"
Free Spin Steal
Arm Work:
"Up, out, down"
Rhythm Ideas
Return of "2"
Hitting Breaks
Related Dances 1920's Charleston Balboa Collegiate Shag 1920's Charleston Balboa Collegiate Shag
Lindy Charleston Side-by-Side:
Charleston Freeze
Ron Special
Back Charleston:
Hip Lock
Lock Down
Girl in Front (Stall)
Kick Around
Kick Thrus
Back Charleston:
1/4 Turns
Running Entrance
Passing Kicks
Back Charleston:
Push Aways
? Man Front
Woman Front
Hollywood Style Man's Stop
Over Rotation Switches Side Passes
No Lookie
Quick Stop Dean & Jewell Roll
Sugar Pushes Tap Step Kick Variation Men: Kick-Down
Women: Bump
Joswick Special Sugar Push Pop
Sugar Push Push
Twist Twist
Boogie Steps Boogie Forward
Boogie Back
Boogie Reds Suzie Q Shorty George Fish Tail Apple Jacks
Slides/Dips 2-Hand Side Step Dip V-Slide Sit Dip Slip Out Slide Closed Basic Dip Slide Through

Single DVDs from the Track Series:

Select up to five of the DVDs from the drop-down menus.

DVD-R format (no country code restrictions), PC/MAC Compatible


Order the ENTIRE Track DVD Series
(All Six!)

6 DVD Track DVD Series
Price: $169.95

DVD-R format (no country code restrictions), PC/MAC Compatible




Tap Dance Made Easy with Eli Newsom, 2 Vols & CD.

Swing Fever, Beginning Tap

Zig Zag Routine, All levels

Bob Sheerer's Organ Grinder Routine

Rusty's Music Theory for Tap Dancers

Play Piano Play with Miriam Nelson & Rusty Frank.

Louis Dapron Chorus

Shim Sham Shimmy DVDs with Leonard Reed.

Coles & Atkins Slow Soft Shoe, taught by Sam Weber.

Stan Kahn's Tap Dance Technique, taught by Sam Weber.

B.S. Chorus:

Rusty Frank and the 1930's B.S. Chorus

Eddie Brown's B.S. Chorus (from 1980s)


TAP! The Book:

Tap! by Rusty Frank and Gregory Hines

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